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    Remote Viewing College


    Online Courses to become a certified Remote Viewer ✔︎ ***** No Offer
    Choice of four different Online Courses ✔︎ ***** No Offer
    Three different Remote Viewing techniques (I.R.T., A.R.V. and H.S.R.V.) ✔︎ *****
    Online Seminars ✔︎ ***** No Offer
    Regular Online-Coachings ✔︎ ***** No Offer
    Certified trainers / coaches / teachers available by email, phone and Skype ✔︎ *****
    Qualification and experience of the trainers / coaches / teachers in professional and pedagogical aspects Very Good ***** Satisfactory ***
    Many years of experience in conducting Online Courses ✔︎ ***** No Offer
    24/7 E-Mail-Support ✔︎ ***** No Offer
    Teaching videos for all stages and tools ✔︎ ***** Partially ***
    Handbook / Textbook as a paper, and e-book version ✔︎ ***** Partially ***
    Web-BackOffice incl. training-targets, archive, statistical evaluation and diary function ✔︎ ***** No Offer
    Exclusive Remote-Viewing-Pen ✔︎ *****
    Online-Courses in German, English and Italian ✔︎ ***** No Offer
    Price-performance ratio Very Good ***** Satisfactory ***
    Scholarships ✔︎ ***** No Offer
    Duration of the Online Course to become a certified Remote Viewer Approx. twelve months ***** No Offer
    References of students ✔︎ *****
    Highest security for Remote Viewer ✔︎ *****
    Career opportunities ✔︎ ***** No Offer
    Market leader for Online-Courses in Remote Viewing ✔︎ *****


    Stars Total 105 12
    Stars in Percent 100% 11%



    The table follows a rating of five stars for "very good", four stars for "good", three stars for "satisfactory", two stars for "sufficient", one star for "inadequate" to zero stars for "unsatisfactory".